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In my last blog I mentioned several areas that required letting go for those separated individuals who have children still at home. So what is the next step?

All of us who are divorced must come to terms sooner or later with the fact that we have to let go of the dreams and hopes for our marriage. As for me, I always thought I would be married and never imagined growing old without my spouse. When the divorce came I had to peer into the future and face a life as a divorced adult.

At 41, it was not an inviting prospect. I had all I could do to manage from one day to the next without thinking about the future. But I soon realized that the quicker I was able to at least look at reality, even if it seemed bleak, the easier it would be for me to manage with the present.

But God’s future reality was not my future reality at that time. I imagined a life still dealing with the raw emotions of my present state of unresolved anger, but once I was able to fully let the anger go, the future looked very different and even hopeful.

As I mentioned in the last blog, none of this is possible without God. His help in the form of sacramental graces is essential. It is also extremely important to connect with Him on a daily basis lest we be overcome before we even get started.

We hear the expression often to Let Go and Let God. If you have not already started, maybe today is a good day to begin the process. Remember, you are not making this journey alone, He is right there with you.

God Bless.

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Letting go—how difficult a concept that is! But letting go is a natural part of life, for example, letting go of childhood to enter our teens, moving on from our teenage years to begin our adult life, and, of course, letting go of our life here on earth to enter eternity.

Some of us are able to do so with a reasonable amount of ease, others struggle every step of the way. As divorced individuals we are thrust into making this transition of letting go quite early on in our separation and repeatedly during the years that follow. In fact, it seems at times that this state of mind is being constantly asked of us and, oh, how wearisome it can get!

If we are still raising a family when we separate, almost all the ways we have interacted with our children as a couple (mealtimes, bedtimes, mornings off to school, transportation, church attendance, weekends, holidays, vacations) need to be revamped to fit the life of a single parent. To make matters worse, we must make these adjustments of letting go of old routines while carrying the pain of separation in our heart.

So how is it possible for us to manage? As with all the 12-step programs, it is literally impossible to do so with any success unless we turn our lives over to God. We could certainly muddle through on our own, but we would only grow more burdened and bitter. Whether God was a part of our life in the past or not, He needs to be an integral part of our journey moving forward.

As we struggle with these practical issues as a parent, there is another aspect that needs to be addressed. We will deal with this in the next blog.

God Bless.

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For those of us living in the colder climates, January is that time of year when we usually hunker down – warm food, wood in the stove or fireplace, and a good book. It’s also a perfect time to get caught up on correspondence and get that inside job or project done that we have been putting off.

Sometimes the very thing we have moved to “the back burner” is not a tangible project but our spiritual lives. With Lent only a few weeks away now is the perfect time to give our interior selves a closer look.

It may be as practical as pulling the Bible out from under a pile of books so we can read a few lines every day or starting a journal to keep tabs on our prayer life, but maybe there is something else that has been put off.

Am I attached to some vice or habit that needs to be overcome? Do I have a nagging thought about someone and know I need to forgive them? These are more challenging than writing in a journal or reading a few lines of Scripture, but they will be even more effective in bringing your life into conformity with God’s will.

During the next week, make it a point to ponder a bit on what God might be asking. He does not want to accuse you for what you have not yet done, He wants to help you move closer to Him.

God Bless.

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A new month, a new year! Have you made a New Year’s Resolution? Some years I do make one, others not, but this year I decided to ask Our Lady to help me to be more focused and single-minded. I want to keep Jesus before my eyes at all times.

The state of the world is a bit worrisome and I can easily get caught up in all the things that are going on which are a threat to our freedoms and to our faith, so this year I thought that I would keep my mind centered on Christ and not dwell on the things that are wrong. The same holds true for my personal life. I want to deal with any problems that arise but not have them control my every thought. It’s so easy for me to become discouraged.

I plan to use St. Peter as my example this year. In response to Peter’s plea for Jesus to bid him walk on the water, Christ said: “Come”! (Mt 14:22-33) Did he walk on the water? Yes, but we know what happened when he took stock of the wind and the waves—he sank. I sink quickly also when I look around and do not keep my eyes on Jesus. Look at Peter’s expression in the image above, that’s what I am hoping for this year, to see only Jesus.

Certainly there will be many challenges as the year progresses, both in society and in our personal lives, but just imagine what it would be like if we could stay focused and remember that Jesus is right in front of us bidding us always to come to Him.

My prayer for you this year is that when Jesus calls you to step out of your comfort zone, your eyes will never see anything but His Loving Gaze upon you!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

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